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Maths (Numeracy) Courses



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After this course you will be able to see how much money you have saved improving your numeracy skills.

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Improve your Maths skills in April and May with F1 Training

•    Online courses for you to study in our centres and at home in your own time
•    Structured one-to-one training for learners who struggle with numeracy is available
•    Addresses the core components of numeracy: including counting, number comparison, tens and units, fractions, measuring, shapes, estimation, remembered facts...
•    15 minute Individual teaching session, delivered once per week
•    If you are over 19 years of age, IT’S FREE*

*Subject to eligibility. Please ask for details.

Call 01603 762276 to book an appointment at your local centre.

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Level 1 / Pre -GCSE Maths This class is a good choice both for people who have not studied maths since school and need a refresher course, and for people who have completed the Entry Level Numeracy course. It will prepare you to join the GCSE level Maths class. You will develop your skills in multiplication, division, fractions and decimals in a variety of real-life situations, and your trainer will give you a lot of one-to-one help to prepare you for the Level 1 National Numeracy Test you will take at the end of the course (equivalent to GCSE Grades D-E). The class runs for 2½ hours per week (evenings or days).
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GCSE level Maths (Level 2) You will need GCSE level Maths if you plan to go to college or university or do a full trainer training qualification and many employers also require it. Your trainer will help you to develop your understanding of areas such as percentages, algebra, trigonometry and geometry, and to learn how to use graphs and statistics. You will be taught using real-life situations and receive individual attention from your trainer. Assessment is by final exam. The class runs for 3 hours per week (evenings or days).
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