IT courses Entry level 3

IT courses Entry level 3


Functional skills in ICT Entry Level 3

This IT qualification is great if you're new to IT and want to learn the basics. Receiving face-to-face training at one of our centres, you'll learn how to use a computer, use the internet to find information, share photos and keep in touch with friends using email and social media (like Facebook and Twitter). 

Please call your local centre to arrange your appointment.

If you’re working towards the entry level 3 qualification, you’ll learn how to:

  • create a comfortable work area and stay safe online
  • use the internet, email and social networking sites to organise your social life
  • use the internet to plan journeys and buy travel tickets
  • use email to keep in touch and understand its benefits and limits
  • use internet tools to chat online and use social media
  • upload photos from a camera and create a computer music library
  • understand the benefits of online banking
  • know the benefits of using comparison websites to plan a holiday
  • write letters and formal documents
  • create posters, flyers and informal documents with a word processor