Employability Entry level 3

Employability Entry level 3


Employability EL3 accredited by NCFE

This course is centre based learning.

Each day is 09:30 to 16:00

Please see course timetable for availability

This course has 8 units which cover:  

  • Mindset; How to remain positive through adversity
  •  Work Awareness; Understand the local labour market and employer expectations 
  • Problem Solving; How to be effective in the workplace when solving problems 
  • Dealing with numbers; Refreshing skills using work related scenarios 
  • Team work; Getting used to working with others and collaborating to complete a task; 
  • Handling Money at Work; Learning how to use and protect financial matters in the workplace 
  • Deciding on the right job for you; How to job search using UJM, how to write an effective cover letter and a skills and interest assessment 
  • Health and Safety; How the work place remains safe and the role you play in delivering safety
  • Added bonus content includes Interview techniques and CV writing upon request.

  Eligibility - all customers meeting core eligibility criteria can be fully funded. To meet eligibility a customer must:  Be aged 19 years old or over (on 31st August 2017)  Be a UK citizen, or an EU resident for three years or more  Be claiming an active benefit. 

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