National Careers Service helps Fred get training and a job

National Careers Service helps Fred get training and a job

When Fred attended his first Natinal Careers Service (NCS) session he was unemployed and had been for over 3 years. Fred was a stay at home father to his 3 young children whilst his partner was working full time. Fred wanted to get back into employment now that his children were of school age. He had previously worked within the construction industry and also had some experience as a labourer and this was the area of employment that he wanted to return to. Fred also explained that whilst he had his G.C.S.E qualifications and his ICA Level 2 in Bricklaying which he gained through college he had not updated these skills and this was something that he wanted to do.


Fred’s journeyback into work

Fred was referred to us and attended a health and safety induction, as this is a requirement before starting his placement within a local company. Fred was given information about the learning centre and the courses that can help him to update and gain skills and experience as well as gaining qualifications to help in his search for and return to employment. Fred then attended his Advise and Guidance session with the centres NCS advisor.

During this session Fred discussed his current situation as well as his skills and work goals and was given the course options that were there to help him with gaining new qualifications, Fred discussed with his advisor that he wanted to update his IT skills as well as gaining his CSCS card as this was identified as something needed to help him back into employment. Fred was given an action plan that detailed the action points to help him with progressing through his goals and helping him to achieve his qualifications.  Through my work placement “I was able to gain new skills”. 

Fred identified that during his placement he was able to gain new skills that he would be able to use during future employment. Fred also attended his appointment with his NCS advisor on a two weekly basis, during these sessions Fred discussed any changes in his situation and how his job search was going. Fred was also given advice on current positions that are available and any other help or advice that was needed to help him within his search for employment. 

“I have got a Job”

Thanks to working through his CSCS card training and the support from his NCS Advisor with his job searches, Fred has been able to progress into employment. Fred has now in full time employment and has gained a position as a Painter and Decorator and Maintenance person and is working renovating a hotel.


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