Mum’s the word in supporting unemployed client to start his apprenticeship journey

Mum’s the word in supporting unemployed client to start his apprenticeship journey



Each month we ask our staff from each department to write a case study on the good work our clients do and share success stories. This month we have decided to publish a nice story about Bob, one of our learners in Norfolk. This was a quick journey for our customer to gain the support that helped him to understand what he needed, to gain sustainable employment.

Sometimes all it takes is faith, focus and support from a mentor to achieve your goals in life. In this case study, the help of the customers Mum also helped the customer access training and support.

Bob, 23 years old, had never really worked for more than 6 months consecutively. Bob left school with very little academic qualifications and admitted to his Job Centre Plus employment advisor that he is “lost and needs direction in my life”. “I have no idea what I want to do, but I do want a chance to work”.

Ali, Bob's Employment Advisor, worked with Bob and prepared him for work through a mixture of motivation sessions, as part of his 1-2-1 sessions with Ali, and accredited training. Post the accredited training Bob attended an awareness raising session on adult apprenticeships. As a result of this, Bob expressed an interest in Ali becoming his mentor into apprenticeships in Norwich.

As part of this, Ali and Bob did an off benefit calculation to ascertain if he could afford to work for the apprenticeship salary. Lucky for the client he lives at home with his mum. We gained permission to speak to Bob's mum, to see if he would be given the support needed for him to take an apprenticeship, once we had helped Bob find employment.

Bob's Mum said yes the support would be there and she thanked Ali for the chance we were giving her son to access real training and employment.

Ali and Bob then started to contact employers. During this period the client was placed on work experience with a local organisation in a busy office, the environment Bob wanted to work in. The work placement liked Bob's willingness to work and ability to learn so much they offered him an apprenticeship in the same department. It’s like we planned it ;).

A nice story we wanted to share.




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