Bob’s three steps into employment

Bob’s three steps into employment

Bob’s three steps into employment

Bob came to F1 Training in Gt. Yarmouth to get some qualifications for the first time in his life. Bob needed formal qualifications to help him get a new job after being made redundant. He had no formal qualifications or direct skills and has spent the majority of his working adult life not working or working in factories. He was frustrated that he couldn’t find a more fulfilling job .

Step 1: Meeting with one of F1 Training’s careers advisors

Bob had some problems with reading and writing but this was more of a confidence issue and not studying since school. He had never used a computer before, not even for the most basic of tasks such as using a keyboard or a mouse.

After a getting to know each other chat, we Bob and Matthew identified some barriers to learning including social factors and possible signs of learning difficulties.
Bob had some difficulty in speaking and formulating language and generally getting his point across. This was particularly frustrating for him and is related to not attending school regularly or any further education.

Being unable to express yourself and make your needs known is one of the most frustrating of human experiences. Similarly, trying and failing to understand what someone else trying to convey can be extremely disheartening.

Bob left school at 13 and even before that did not attend school regularly at all. Bob had signs of a Specific Learning Difficulty with this condition and will make his learning, at times, difficult.

As Matthew has completed specific training on supporting learning difficulties, Bob and Matthew discussed some points that could indeed help with his speaking –
(1)    Using visual prompts to get his point across.
(2)    When speaking keep language short and precise – with one instruction at a time
(3)    Praise is also important as by reinforcing all attempts to communicate as positive.

Bob  lives in a rural area and there is quite a distant for him for get into the centre regularly to learn this can be classed as an institutional barrier to learning. However Matthew pointed out there is in fact a free bus route running to the Local supermarket from his village and if he was to , say once a week , combine his learning with his weekly shop this would be ideal..

Due to this situation Bob’s confidence was particularly low due to the factors pointed out above.  However he did mention he was to start volunteer work at a local aid charity recycling furniture/carpentry. This was an area that interested Bob and we encouraged this and offered additional support and training to ease access to this type of work. Potentially this could be very rewarding for him and would help Bob’s confidence as well as him receiving support from others . This would also help with Bob’s speaking/ getting his point across as he will be communicating at a regular level with people that understand his speaking level.

Bob started an English course and a basic ICT course with us, timed around his access to the centre.

Step 2: Support from us to help you support yourself
After a three month period Bob is a real success story. From no computer experience at all he has now completed the My Guide Course before progressing onto an English level 1 qualification in our centre.
His tutor on a weekly basis monitored his progress and Bob’s confidence and skill level grew each visit. On his first visit he could not even use a mouse or a keyboard, but he persisted and started to enjoy his learning and the experience in our centre more. After just a few visits he was overcoming some of his barriers to learning and realising he could achieve what he wished to achieve .

Bob’s confidence grew and he was looking forward to other parts of the course.

After working through the mandatory units on the UK online course and many of the optional units to supplement his learning – Bob completed the initial assessments on the course and after some discussion and extra mentoring from the staff in the learning centre, it was decided Bob would proceed onto an English course.

Bob insisted on doing extra learning in his own time and really caught the “learning bug”.

It is noticeable how his writing and reading have improved. So much so a level 1 achievement was gained on the English initial assessment. Bob, after some discussion and a referral from the learning centre advice team, started additional voluntary work with another local charity based in the town centre.
Step 3: Employment (which Bob found himself!!)
Bob started part-time work in a local store using a computer based till system; something that would not have been possible three months ago.

Through F1’s free CV service, Bob has now update his CV; looking for a full time position.

Speaking to Bob he is happy in his job and feels valued and contented.

The difference in attitude our centre staff can see is seen in Bob’s improved communication and confidence skills & the strong desire to succeed and progress into full time work.

Well done Bob (not his real name) and we thank you for letting us help you to help yourself.


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