F1’s Work Programme & Learndirect projects work together to help unemployed clients back to work

F1’s Work Programme & Learndirect projects work together to help unemployed clients back to work

Jack was long-term unemployed, lacked motivation, didn't want to be on work programme and had just had his benefits sanctioned.

Read how F1 Training's Work Programme team worked with learndirect to support Jack into his first job in four years.

Jack was referred onto the F1’s work programme project from Ingeus on the 1st May 2013.  He intended this induction session, but then failed to attend his appointments.  Letters were regularly sent out, calls made and we even sent him text messages to encourage him to participate in the project, but he continued not to turn up.  Unfortunately, due to the work programme being a mandatory activity, Jack had his benefits sanctioned. After three months he attended, raising concerns that he had been sanctioned.  At this time he stated that he felt very demotivated and depressed.  He felt that he had no support from us, his family or anyone else. 

From this point he was supported by F1’s Work Programme team to help Jack improve his life by making himself more employable.  F1 paid for his travel in order for him to attend his regular appointments.  The Work programme then put in place support to ensure that he could actually survive during his sanctioning period.  The Norwich food bank was contacted and a document was produced for them to prove that Jack required regularly weekly support. 

Now Jack had food in his belly, he then needed to focus on the future. Jack had ideas that he might like to find work as a cleaner or a labourer.  Therefore the Work Programme team arranged for him to first attend a learndirect employability accredited qualification.  Jack was proactive in discussions during the session but was also supported one-to-one to complete his evidence for his qualification.  At the beginning of the course, Jack had minimal computer skills, but gained a lot of confidence during the course, both with computers and also with an understanding of the local job market and how to find work.  Jack achieved this entry level 3 qualification, but more importantly he now knew how to look and where to look for work. His independence was growing and he seemed to take ownership of his duty to look for work on his own.

Jack continued to attend his appointments regularly and was then put forward for the construction skills site operative card, CSCS, training course.  After the training, he attended the centre for the following six weeks completing health and safety training and preparing for the final exam with mock tests.  Jack then passed the computer-based exam and got his CSCS card.

As a result of this support Jack has a CV that makes him much more employable.  

I August 2013, Jack found himself a job as a labourer on a local building site. This is the first job that Jack has had in 4 years and Jack feels good about himself.

Not all of F1’s clients find employment, but we do try to help all of our clients receive an individualised support package from us. This will be typically a mixture of mentoring, training and work placements. With Jack, he did want to do the work placement element of a programme, but he knew how much he could benefit from mentoring and gaining new qualification. 


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