JG’s sustainable employment and progression

JG’s sustainable employment and progression

This month’s case study is a write up on a previous case study as a follow up

This follow up case study is on someone who has overcome so many barriers and is working towards stability, better personal motivation, a career and, in the words of the client, ‘a future’.

A few months ago I wrote a case study on J.G, who has now been in work for 6 months. In that time he has reported to us that through his hard work he has already been selected to be promoted in his place of work. J.G is a good example on how the Job Deal Project and F1 have assisted someone to gain the skills and nurture abilities to find sustainable work and better career prospects.

This journey took a few months to achieve; so much was covered throughout the process you may need to refer to the previous case study. Once we knew that J.G had settled in at work we contacted him to offer in job support and the possibility of further training to assist him with his job. J.G stated that because he had been unemployed for so long he was asked to buy his own tools by his new employer, which he could not afford, even though he now had an income. At a follow up IAG session, we looked at JG’s personal finances with him to see if he could afford the tools. He could not.

As these were a barrier to sustainable employment, we decided to apply to the projects DaF fund for support. We then got in contact with Clare at Serco and made her aware of the situation and how we could both work together to assist him with this as he was in fear that he would no longer be able to work. During the time it took to get a few quotes, we got in contact with his employer to ensure that the tools were needed and to check in with the employer on JG’s progress. We only received good feedback about JG, but the employers stated they would not cover the cost of the tools as ‘tradesmen need their own tools who work for us’.

J.G’s claim was accepted and we paid towards his tools; now he had a complete tool set needed for his work. During the time the claim was going through we kept in contact with J.G to ensure he knew we had not forgotten him. Each time we called him we could tell that he was concerned and working hard to save up as much money as possible to fund this. One Saturday morning J.G came into the centre to collect the tools. When he saw the tools awaiting in the office, he was in so much shock he sat down and did not say anything for 10 minutes, tears were in his eyes. As a case manager who has worked with him for months it was a pleasure to see that he was happy and proud of himself on letting the centre work with him on the job deal project.

J.G was so grateful and said ‘I have really done well for myself. I thought you lot were just having me on, but you have really helped me get and keep my job’. J.G stated that the tools we had ordered him were a good quality and he would now stop borrowing other people’s tools. This would help him feel ‘less embarrassed at work’. J.G then happily left the centre with his tools. I made him aware that we would keep in contact and if there was any other support or training that he needed he could arrange to work with us again.

A few days ago I made contact with J.G’s company again who have stated in an email that J.G is a valuable member of the team and because of his hard work they are paying for him to do a worked based NVQ in Construction at level 3. J.G has thanked the centre enough times and would like to express his gratitude to F1 and Serco whom made this all possible for him. For further details please contact Gordon.west@f1training.org

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